What colleagues are saying…

“The expertise and strategic thinking you brought to the table was a critical part of our successful launch of the Secure the Enterprise campaign. Thank you for always going above and beyond to drive the most impact for the team and the business!”

Jenny H., Director, Cisco

“Lauren demonstrates the perfect balance of creativity and discipline. I am so thankful for her thoughtful, thorough contributions to our projects and am grateful for her presence on our team. Thank you, Lauren!”

Lani S., Digital Site Strategist, Cisco

“The successful update of our Hybrid Work digital ecosystem was driven by your innovation and insight into digital best practices for Cisco and a stellar experience for our customers!”

Kim H., Leader, Cisco

“Lauren is a top notch design professional. I had the pleasure of working with Lauren at Emergency Communications Network, and she never failed to create beautiful products . A true creative, her ideas are driven by a keen understanding of different audiences, aesthetics, and graphic trends. She can explain the logic behind every detail and always has a fast turnaround. Lauren is among the elite in the design sphere and I’d recommend her to any company looking for an efficient and creative individual.”

Donna K., Copywriter, ECN

“Lauren brings a fresh sense of design to deliver professional solutions – all with a buoyant attitude. She was a unanimous pick for our creative team and is a delight to work with.”

Emily L., Creative Director, ECN

“Lauren is always on top of client communication. I don’t ever worry that she is going to forget a client or leave emails unanswered. She does a great job of keeping the line of communication open to team members and making sure everyone has what they need. All team members can rely on her to deliver designs on time without reminders. She is very self sufficient and needs minimal supervision to stay on top of her work. In fact, she often helps keep the rest of us organized!”

2019 Performance Review

“I have worked with Lauren over the past 6 years. Her creativity has been brilliant and her responsiveness is always on point. I have worked with many graphic designers over the years and she is by far the best.”

Kerry D., Owner, GoDigital Media

“Lauren is very-detail oriented and produced great results for the company. She started a brand new department from scratch and we’ve been profitable ever since. She was in charge of creating and implementing company standards for the department and played a vital role within the company.”

Jeff F., Director, CRG Global Inc.