Cisco Hybrid Work Hub Page

The Hybrid Work Hub is a net new page on that is meant to be a landing hub for all customers looking to learn more about Cisco’s Hybrid Work Solutions. This was a huge project that would be directly linked from the brand new homepage’s primary Call To Action
(Shown at top of page).


Users are Cisco customers that typically fall into three categories, those interested in: People, Operations, and Technology, which is why the Hub page dives deeper into these three categories with dedicated sub-pages for each interest.


Roles & Responsibilities:
This project was a huge team effort, but the design and wireframing came down to two people, myself and another designer. We worked in tandem on this project collaborating in real-time using Figma to build out the page. We also worked closely with a design agency to concept the header image, and our XD team that was concurrently designing the Reimagined homepage.


The Process:
There were two stages to this project, including the first MVP, and the second more refined version with extensive content to be launched concurrent with Cisco’s new Reimagined homepage. 

We started with a team kickoff call and went through the content together, determining which pieces were most important and how we might use them on the page. 

From there, we built out the page using our existing component library. The challenge here was that the new homepage would not be using this component library, and we needed the visual design of this page to match the homepage. We were able to achieve this by selecting components that allowed for as much customization as possible, and avoiding the use of dark backgrounds or background images. We incorporated the line art from the homepage in order to connect visually with the new experience.